Encore Dance Studio

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Dance Program


The best foundation to all other styles of dance. Slower graceful movements are taught as well as fast jumps and turns. The child will be introduced to French terminology, classical music, and modern popular music. Ballet develops posture, muscle control, flexibility, stamina, and poise. Provides lessons in determination and tenacity. Teaches respect for the art and the instructor. Class starts with barre work, then to center floor combinations. Younger dancers will continue with a fun dance using scarves or other props. Older dancers will continue with an exciting dance combination or turns across the floor. All ballet dancers finish with a reverence.  Encore uses the American Ballet Theatre National Training Curriculum.  


A style of Ballet that allows ladies to dance on their toes. After an appropriate amount of Ballet is studied and the dancers feet, ankles, and back are developed, young ladies may transition to pointe shoes. Dancers that are wanting to start pointe must be at least 12 years of age and have Instructor’s approval. Dancers must also attend at least one ballet class in addition to their pointe class.


This style of dance emerged from Africa and has influenced many new forms of dance. Each instructor gives Jazz their own unique style and encourages students to explore there individual expression and improvisation. Jazz class makes up a high energy hour that focuses on warm-up, across the floor work and center combinations. We recommend that Jazz be taken in conjunction with Ballet to produce the well-rounded Jazz dancer. Students can expect fun, high-energy music, including top 40 music and older music with a new twist. Steps include turns, kicks, jumps, and poses.


An emotional and expressive form of dance based on the technique and gracefulness of ballet and the freedom of jazz. Dancers express their feelings through the steps and pay close attention to the “lyrics” of the song.


This class focuses on intricate rhythms and musical phrasing. The metal tap is used as a percussion instrument. Electrifying and fun form of dance popularized by Fred Astaire and Broadway Dancers.

Hip Hop

his style of dance emerged from break dancing which combines high energy steps, gymnastics, Caribbean, and Brazilian dancing to loud bass-driven music. Hip Hop has been popularized by rap and R & B music videos. Steps can be described as pop, lock, spin, and freeze.

Combo Classes (Ballet/Tap)  (Lyrical/Hip Hop)  (Hip Hop/Acro)

These playful classes are a fun introduction to dance. Children will learn the principles of dance through creative dance, props, stickers, and their favorite music. This class promotes creativity, body awareness, and internal rhythm while fostering a love of movement. This is many children's first experience with class structure that includes standing in line, taking turns, and not speaking out of turn. All steps are age appropriate for a 3-5 year old to master and build self confidence.

Lyrical/Hip Hop Combo is for 5-10 year olds.  

Parent and Me Plié

A fun and safe introduction into the world of dance. Promotes creativity, body awareness, and internal rhythm. Scarfs, balls, and stickers are used to encourage creative movement. Parent and child (Dads are welcome too!) experience wonderful quality time together. Parents can wear comfortable clothing to class and help guide their little one. The end product is a “Parent and Me” dance at the recital that steals the show!