Encore Dance Studio

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The New Dancer:  What You Need to Know to Get Started at Encore

What age do you start at?  We offer instruction to dancers as young as 2-years-old.

What dance forms do you offer?  Ballet, Pointe, Lyrical, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Acro & Hip-Hop.

How much does it cost per class?  There are 34 weeks in the dance year.  (We do not charge for Thanksgiving, Winter or Spring break) the total fee is divided into 9 monthly payments.  When registering online it will show total family prices.  

How does class placement work?  We place our students based on both their age and ability.

Why do I have to be on auto payment?  Auto payment allows the studio to be more professional and better organized.  It also permits office staff to devote more individual attention, to both parents and dancers.

Do you sell dance shoes and attire? No, we no longer sell dance shoes or attire; however, we refer our dancers to, "Curtain Call Dancewear."  Here you can order any necessary shoes and clothing for all classes offered. http://www.curtaincallforclass.com/

What is my son/daughter required to wear for class?  Please see our current studio policies listed on the website.  Each specific genre of dance is listed, along the with required attire.

Do we pay for holidays?  No.  The week of Thanksgiving, the two weeks of Christmas break, and the one week of Spring Break, are all subtracted from tuition.

What if my son or daughter drops classes?  No refunds will be made, however, you will not be required to continue payment.  It takes 2 full weeks for the auto payment to drop. 

What if my son or daughter is sick?  In the event that your child is unable to attend their class(es), they have the opportunity to take a, "make-up" class, that is most similar to the class(es), in which they are enrolled.

What is your policy for closing the studio?  We tend to close the studio in accordance with Adrian Public Schools, in the event of poor weather; however, this may not always be the case.  You can call the studio by 3:00 P.M. if you are unsure we are open.  Your son or daughter can attend a, "make-up" class, if the studio is ever closed due to the weather.  

What dance teams do you offer?  We offer petite, ensemble, performance, and elite teams.  Each team has a separate set of requirements in order to become a member.  In addition, there is a separate set of time commitments and financial expectations.  Seek further details.